What does working ON your business really mean?  For a business owner or manager it means taking time out of your day-to-day work schedule to identify and implement realistic strategies that will that will move your ideas from dreams to reality. It also means building in check points where you can answer “how are we doing on that goal?” and ” what if any changes we need to make to stay on track?” on a consistent basis.

We offer high impact – results driven workshops that give you an opportunity to work on your business with an experienced coach in areas like:

  • Building your business success roadmap
  • Creating your strategic plan
  • Building an effective marketing plan
  • Growing your sales
  • Understanding your cash flow, balance sheets, and income statements
  • Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Conquering the time management challenge
  • Building a business based on your values
  • Finding, hiring and retaining your best employees

Not only will you have focused time to work on your business, you will also have an opportunity to share your ideas with other owners and managers who are committed to building their businesses.


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