Client Stories

What are our clients saying?

“I needed a plan to break down my goals into monthly, weekly, daily and hourly but didn’t know how to achieve that.  Debra guided me towards developing areas of my business that I hadn’t seen and now have added to my business plan.  As a result of taking one new action, I will be conducting a class locally to teach people about travel.   After working with Debra, I have gained more discipline, laser sharp focus and confidence.” ~ Angela Kelso, Cruise Planners

“Working with Debra Austin as my business coach has had an immediate and positive impact on my business. Debra constantly challenges my perspective and forces me to think out of the box. As a business owner, manager and marketer in a highly volatile industry, I constantly need to adapt and find solutions to new challenges. Debra’s coaching keeps me on track, helps me understand how to manage my time to grow my business and still have a balance with my personal life. A big milestone for me was to be able to break down major problems into manageable pieces. She has given me invaluable insight on how to move my agency into the future with confidence.” ~ Jared Rosckes, Nationwide Insurance

“I have been working with Debra as my coach for several months now. I have found her advice & objective look into my business extremely helpful. She has given me invaluable insight on how to move my consulting business to the next level, while also helping me with a “work-life” balance. We can all use some coaching advice & I am very grateful I have Debra on my Team!” ~ Becky L., Lake Worth, Florida

“Debra is a highly-engaged, results driven and detailed individual. Her knowledge for successful business planning is the best I’ve seen in the industry. When looking for an individual to partner with you to succeed in any aspect (professionally or personally), Debra Austin should be your first choice.”  ~ Shelley M., Waxahachie, Texas

“Debra has worked with me for the last five years. She has always provided the highest levels of leadership and counsel as we have built our business. Very adept at asking the hard questions and driving for accountability. Great business mind and a much deeper person of integrity.”Tony M., Houston, Texas

“She was clearly one of the most knowledgeable and respected members on the team. She has mastered the “nuts and bolts” of business and has coached many agents on the techniques and processes to build multi-million dollar businesses. She comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We call her Debra “Awesome.” ~ Melvin P., Allen, Texas

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