5 Steps to Increase Your Sales


If you are not getting the sales you want from your prospecting efforts, these 5 steps are sure-fire ways to improve your results…

  • Target the right prospects.  Look at your current customers (or the customers you want to acquire.) What do they have in common? Where do they look for a solution to their problem or challenge?


  • Understand their challenges.  Customers want to know that you understand their challenges.  What do they see as their problem or challenge?  How will your product or service help them?


  • Ask the right questions.  Listening to the answers to good open-minded questions will help you understand what are top-of-mind issues for the potential. How is the problem affecting their business? What would be different in their business when the problem is solved? What criteria will they use to make their buying decision?  Who will make the final decision?


  • Explain your product or service to the customer in their words.  Use the words they shared when answering your open-ended questions.  Address their concerns before taking about additional benefits.


  • Follow up, follow up and follow up.  Most customers don’t buy at the first encounter.  Overall sales statistics state that more than 80% of sales take place after the fifth through eight contact – this is a general statistic and varies among industries.  The bottom line is that if you are not following up with your potential customers you could be losing 80% or more of your potential sales.

Debra Austin is a business coach, consultant, speaker and facilitator.  She is also the CEO of Chaos2Results Business Coaching, a company committed to helping owners who are serious about building successful businesses. You can contact her at:  daustin@chaos2results.com


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